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HIV/AIDS pandemic is increasing by affecting the lives of children in Sub Saharan Africa. Despite the awareness being carried out, the HIV infection is still prevalent, high and evidently seen in urban and rural areas of Ethiopia. Children are the most vulnerable and many of them are orphaned or even infected by the HIV infection. This has tended to have lifelong effects on their development leading to a generation of no hope for tomorrow. 
The AIDS curse has created major problems and left number of the Ethiopia orphans behind. These orphans and their needs have over overwhelmed those who have tried to assist them. Most times they are left in the hands of relatives who are struggling to keep their own immediate families from starving. Subsequently, when the relative can no longer cope up, the orphans suffer most and in terms of education the guardians do care for their only legitimate sons and daughters, this has contributed to the increasing number of street kids roaming in the city and other towns. The rest of these OVCs end up in child domestic labour service and prostitution, other children are left in the hands of their grandparents who are aged and cannot contribute anything towards the well being of these orphaned children.                  
In order to improve the situation of orphan and vulnerable children the International Friendship Association (IFA) initiated fundraising effort via on line go fund mechanism.  Therefore, there is need/ a call for local and international organizations/ communities/ groups/development partners/corporate and private individuals to contribute in order to improve the situation under which these children live and grow.        
We intend to encourage families, communities and external parties to treat all orphans and other vulnerable children with respect ensuring that they are not treated as helpless victims but as actors in their own rights. 

“Child Sponsorship Real help, Real Change!” Today's children are tomorrow's parents and leaders. Child sponsoring is the beginning of a unique relationship between you and a child. Your support can give a needy child, life’s essentials like food, education, basic health care and immunization. Sponsorship provides a sense of security and sense of belonging to a child, and in return, you will get the satisfaction of investing for better Ethiopian children. The best way to change a child's life is to change the world in which they live.Sponsor a child today! and experience the difference!Thank you!

Projektort: Dodola, Äthiopien


G. Firo

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